Celebrating the RMS Team - July 2022

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Celebrating the RMS Team - July 2022

🏅 Employee of the Month 🏅
As voted by the RMS team...the employee of the month for July is Gary Thomas 🎉

He has been nominated for demonstrating the RMS value of Teamwork:

"He’s a machine"
"He's a grafter"
"He's a machine and never fails to give you a hand if you need it"
"Never stopped, kept the job together"

🎆 DIY Team of the Month 🎆
DIY Team of the Month goes to the Hartcliffe team led by James Keogh, his team comprises Mark Fox Parkes, Antony Fox Parkes, Luke Kedward and Leslie Regan.

🎆 Fashion Team of the Month 🎆
This month we have a Fashion Team of the Month which goes to the team at Asda George Bridgend:

Day Team - Sacha Odita, Tia Hillman, Lauren Kinsey, Wayne Humphreys, Carney Robertson, Natasha Timmins and Naomi Stevens who is also part of the RMS office team.

Nights Team - Shahinoor Islam, Sheryl Lian Mainwaring, Robert Adam, Mohammed Jalil, Rose Kouser and Mark Cueson

"They have all delivered a great scheme with very high standards ready for launch in the space of 4 days and nights."

🙌 Scheme Hero for July 2022 🙌
Connor Roberts and Jason Fisher are both the Scheme Heroes for July 🎉

Connor has received individual praise from Waitrose and he has taken on the role as one of two team leaders in Asda Bridgend. Connor was thrown in the deep end a little after we were forced to make some changes and stepped up to become an integral part of the team in delivering one of our most challenging schemes for Asda.

Jason is a recognised Team Leader on Waitrose and Sainsbury's but this is Jason's first big Asda project. We have received great feedback regarding the decisions Jason has had to make to keep the scheme on track using his experience and knowledge.

The key has been the two TL's on this project working together to deliver a professional job with great communication.


Congratulations and well done to all the individuals who received recognition this month. You will receive your voucher soon!