Eliot Morris is celebrating 10 years at RMS!

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Eliot Morris is celebrating 10 years at RMS!

For 10 years now Eliot has been a valued member of the RMS team, working across various different roles within the business. We have loved seeing him grow and develop over the years and wanted to take this opportunity to talk to Eliot about his journey so far at RMS…


Why did you join RMS initially?

I joined RMS at 18 years old as a summer job after college. I enjoyed the work, travelling and meeting new people each week so I chose to continue with RMS to see what the future could hold. 


What did you do at first and what roles have you done since?

I started off as a merchandiser in grocery then moved to working in B&Q and after a short time I moved up to a team leader role. After I had gained more experience and qualifications, I then moved up to a project lead (SRCP). During this time I also worked closely with the B&Q marketing team as a marketing coordinator looking after all the new stores over a seven year period.


What did you enjoy the most about working in the field?

The highlights of working in the field was definitely being with your team. You are sometimes with them five days and nights, so to be able to enjoy each others’ company, have a laugh and be able to produce great work and results is a brilliant feeling!


What was challenging about working in the field?

Being away from home can be tough at first if it is not something you are used to. But, being in a good team and having workmates supporting each other made it that much easier being away from your family and friends for work. 

What is your role now at RMS?

I've recently moved into an office role as a Project Manager helping look after multiple projects from various clients whilst utilising a wider skillset. It's exciting and I'm always learning new things, I can't wait to see what the future holds!


How does your experience in the field help you now in your office role?

Ten years in the field means I have learnt a lot across multiple areas, from understanding plans, phasing, schedules, deliveries, invoicing, communicating and working with lots of different people from a wide range of backgrounds and working to tight deadlines. 

Everything I have experienced in the field I can use in my new role and it will help me look at projects from a management perspective and from the team that will be on site as I was, to make it as smooth as possible.

Should others consider a career at RMS?

There are always opportunities to develop your skills, ability, knowledge and position at RMS. At RMS we give everyone the chance and encouragement to help them move up within RMS to get them to a place where they are happy and fulfilling their potential. Take my progression within RMS as just one example of this.


What is your favourite thing about working for RMS?

My favourite thing is definitely the family feeling and being part of something great. I really love playing a part in working towards a bigger and exciting future for RMS.


What do you hope the future holds for you at RMS?

It's still early on in my current position, so I'd like to continue to learn, develop and become excellent at what I do to make sure the projects I'm managing are successful. Ultimately, I'd like to continue to progress, add value to the projects I take on, help my colleagues develop and play a part in RMS's growth and future success.

"I've grown up with store plans on the living room floor and planograms ready to be sent out in the house since I could walk, so I was destined for this line of work. Watching my dad help kick start RMS many years ago now has always inspired me, the effort and dedication he put into helping start the company has pushed me to do everything I can to help keep it going. 

It's made me passionate about RMS and even though he has retired from RMS, it will always encourage me to do everything I can to make RMS go from strength to strength in any area I can. There have been ups and downs over the ten years I have been here just like life itself, but I wouldn't change it for the world. It's made me who I am today and got me to where I am today. I've seen more places than any other job and met amazing people along the way, it's definitely a one of a kind job."

Eliot’s father, (left) Wayne Morris former operations director next to (right) Peter O’Toole 2006.