The Ins and Outs of Retail Installation

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The Ins and Outs of Retail Installation

What is retail installation?

Retail installation, sometimes referred to as shop fitting, is the process of installing, setting up, or arranging visual elements and structural displays in a retail space. Retail installations can range from temporary displays to permanent structural fixtures that are designed to showcase products, enhance the shopping experience and create an inviting atmosphere.

Retail installation is a crucial part of the overall retail design process. It requires careful planning, coordination and execution to ensure that the displays and fixtures are installed correctly and effectively. 

Why is effective retail installation important?

By carefully planning and executing a retail change plan to make a change to the store or display space, retailers can create a layout that maximises the use of available space, provides easy access to products and creates an appealing ambiance that encourages customers to stay longer and spend more.

In today's competitive retail environment, effective retail installation is more important than ever. With so many options available to consumers, retailers must create immersive and engaging experiences that set them apart from the competition. By investing in high-quality retail installations, retailers can create an in store space that is visually appealing, functional and engaging to help increase foot traffic that will drive sales and build stronger relationships with their customers.

The different types of retail installation

Manual Installing

There is a wide range of different types of retail installation. Here at RMS, we complete a vast range of retail installation and shop fitting projects and with skilled installation and retail construction teams, we are able to cover all aspects of a retail installation project.

  • Point Of Sale (POS)
  • Point Of Purchase (POP) 
  • Permanent displays
  • Temporary or seasonal displays
  • Free Standing Display Units (FSDU’s)
  • Gondolas 
  • HD racking 
  • Shelving units 
  • Bay and aisle construction and erection
  • Complete store fit outs 

For certain types of retail installation, installers need to have specific qualifications such as CSCS, SEIRS or CDM. Here at RMS, our installers have the required qualifications and we also have SMSTS qualified staff who can oversee and manage installation and construction projects. 

What makes for a successful retail installation team?

Regardless of if it's permanent structures such as shelving units or racking, or free standing temporary promotional display units, all retail unit components need to be installed correctly to ensure they are safe, but also visually appealing to customers.

A good retail installation team should be able to handle all aspects of the process, from initial design concepts through to accurate final installation and should be equipped to tackle and overcome any challenges along the way.  

We have teams who not only possess the right qualifications but have a vast range of experience working across a range of projects in different retail sectors and environments.

One of the main advantages of our RMS teams and what we believe makes for a successful operation is that our qualified and expert installation teams are able to complete all merchandising routines along with their own installation works allowing for a more agile team, resulting in a more time and cost effective operation.

Whether you need support with major store rollouts across a wide range of stores, or you require assistance with one-off bespoke retail installations, we can help.

Our experienced and skilled teams are ready to work closely with you to create a visually stunning and functional environment that will delight your customers and enhance your brand.

With our comprehensive range of retail installation services, we have everything you need to transform your retail space.

Contact us today to learn more about how RMS can help you achieve retail success!