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Our Longest Standing Retail Partner

Tesco, one of the World’s biggest retailers are RMS’s longest standing retail partner.  For over a decade, we’ve provided Tesco with a full range of merchandising and retail support services.  These include merchandising teams for store openings and closures, support to deal with peaks in demand; teams of skilled merchandisers to support retail change programme and project teams for major installs and reconfiguration.  We’ve also provided full programme and project management.  

In 2019 alone, RMS provided half a million hours of staff resourcing to Tesco involving some 3,000 unique individuals covering 24 separate project workstreams, across over 550 stores.

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“My gratitude for how hard the RMS colleagues have worked. Their work rate, standard, enthusiasm & attention to detail is brilliant and they are a credit to RMS. They have carried out any task, no matter how big or small, with the same “can do” attitude on every shift and they have been nothing short of a pleasure to work with”.

David Kaye, Fresh Food Lead Manager, Tesco Chester.


“I was very impressed with the RMS team who came to support my recent refresh project. If I am brutally honest, I would say that this was the most productive refit team that I have ever worked with. The output I saw from the RMS team leaders, systems team and the merchandisers far outweighed that of any other company that I have previously worked with. The get up and go attitude I saw from them was one that could only be desired in such times of a refit. Nothing was too much for them”. 

Refit Manager, Tesco Extra Kingston, Milton Keynes

hours delivered in 2019

unique individuals deployed in 2019

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Delivering Christmas Success

In 2018 and 2019, RMS provided the vast majority of Tesco’s Christmas support staff during the retailer’s most important sales period.  In December 2018, RMS successfully completed the biggest project in our history, deploying 5,500 individuals to over 550 stores, resulting in 270,000 hours being worked in a single month.

Going forward there is an active recruitment and training programme, supported by a dedicated RMS Training Manager, to increase our Tesco specific resource pool and to develop the teams’ skills, abilities and behaviours to support the future retail change programme and enhance the level of customer service.

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