Our Story


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Where it All Began

We have been supporting retailers throughout the UK and Ireland since 2005, when our founder and retail expert, Peter O’Toole, set up Retail Merchandising Services (RMS). 

Peter spotted a gap in the merchandising market whereby retailers required teams of skilled, flexible workers to fill shifts whenever required.  By building a highly trained workforce, RMS was able to provide staff around the country, adapting teams for different retailers’ needs.



From Strength to Strength

Since our inception, we’ve grown significantly year-on-year to become one of the UK’s leading specialist merchandising solutions provider.  Our clients include retail giants such as John Lewis, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Boots, WH Smith and B&Q.  Alongside these big, well-loved brands, we also work with small and medium-sized businesses.  We can scale our support up and down depending on the requirements of our retail partners.  We’ve supplied thousands of staff and successfully delivered hundreds of projects across the UK and Ireland and consistently strive to create a fantastic shopping experience and to increase sales for our clients.

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Preparing for the Future

After Peter tragically passed away suddenly in 2015, his son Daniel, previously the company’s Development Director became the new CEO.  He gave the company a new lease of life by implementing significant changes to the structure of the business, and introducing a new focus on innovation, both of which have ensured the company’s future stability and continued growth.

Daniel has focused his strategic approach on the core offerings of the business: merchandising, technology and recruitment, and has introduced new training programmes for RMS employees so that they can realise their full potential.  What sets RMS apart from the competition is the calibre of our people.  We have a skilled and flexible workforce spread across the country, and our management team is comprised of retail experts with decades of experience between them.

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A New Era, Defined by Technology

In 2016, RMS began developing an innovative new resource management solution which would completely transform the way in which we schedule and manage our staff and deliver projects for our clients.   

The system, which we’ve branded flex, uses algorithms to intelligently schedule, optimise and manage teams of flexible staff based on multiple and independent criteria, ensuring only the right staff are selected for an assignment.  The system also gives full transparency and visibility to our clients and provides our staff with greater control over their working life. 

Unique within the merchandising and retail support industry, flex is what truly sets RMS apart from the competition and, combined with our trained staff, allows us to deliver a consistently excellent service for our clients.