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Consistent, Quality Service

RMS has been working with Sainsbury’s since 2016.  In addition to store support, RMS provides a wide range of skillsets, from merchandising dressers to systems specialists and project team leaders.  They work alongside Sainsbury’s staff to support the active programme of retail change projects across their UK store estate.

In recent times, RMS has supported a significant number of new store openings and refurbishment projects, refrigeration, GM, and beauty transformation projects.

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“RMS have been very easy to deal with. Good support from across the board, and nothing in the way of noise from sites they have operated on to date. For the feedback I am getting from site, this would definitely have to be earned; the Change and Investment Managers are always honest, sometimes brutally honest in their feedback of performance. A great start across the board, which I really hope RMS can keep up after setting such a high benchmark”.

Alan Thompson, Resource Manager (Design, Construction & Delivery)

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The Partner of Choice

In August 2019, as a result of the outstanding customer service and project delivery of the RMS team, Sainsbury’s extended our contract for a further year at the same time, increasing the allocation of work to RMS.  We began as a junior partner back in 2016, but our hard work and professional delivery has made RMS the partner of choice for Sainsbury's.

Going forward there is an active recruitment and training programme supported by a dedicated Training Manager to increase our Sainsbury’s specific resource pool and to develop the teams’ skills, to support the future retail change programme and enhance the level of customer service.

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