Celebrating the RMS Team - July 2023

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Celebrating the RMS Team - July 2023

Each month, we come together to honour and acknowledge the exceptional achievements of our RMS team members who consistently excel and surpass expectations in their roles.

We value the dedication and effort that each member contributes every month. As everyone plays a vital part in the success of RMS, it's important to share the amazing feedback we receive.

During this monthly tradition, we designate a "Team of the Month" and recognise a "Scheme Hero" from those who have actively contributed to projects throughout the month. Furthermore, our field team nominates an "Employee of the Month" (EOTM) through a voting process, allowing us to appreciate outstanding contributions after every project.

For July 2023, we proudly present:


🏅 Employee of the Month 🏅

As voted by our field team...this month's Employee of the Month is Kay Lawry - congratulations!

Kay has been recognised for demonstrating the RMS values of Integrity and Teamwork with the following comments from team mates:

"Absolute great worker, "

"Great to work with"

Congratulations Kay! A £20 voucher is on it's way to you!


🎆 Team of the Month 🎆 

🎉 Team Sainsbury’s Walton Street Local 🎉

Congratulations to the team at Sainsbury's Walton Street Local for their outstanding work and dedication. You've faced challenges head-on and delivered excellent results. Well done! 🙌🏼
  • Andrew John Walton
  • Anthony Jackman
  • Jermaine Morris
  • Joanna Button
  • Mark Cueson
  • Matthew John Powers
  • Paul Simmonds
  • Phillip Langham
  • Sam Seal
  • Steve Moore


🙌 Scheme Hero for June 2023 🙌

🎉 We have 3 scheme heroes this month! 🎉
Your hard work and commitment during the Sainsbury’s Investment project at Upper Norwood was exemplary. Despite the challenges faced, you remained positive, problem-solvers, and delivered results that surpassed expectations. Your dedication to the project did not go unnoticed, and we commend you for your exceptional work! 🙌🏼

Big shout out to this month to John Curzon, Sheila Filson and Sam Seal!

Let's keep up the momentum and strive for even greater accomplishments in the upcoming months. Your efforts are the foundation of our success, and we couldn't be prouder of the entire RMS team, especially when we receive feedback from our retail partners like this!...

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note about your team I had the pleasure to work with at Upper Norwood over the past two weeks.

As you know, it was a scheme that threw up lots of problems which we all had to navigate. The additional shifts you supplied at such short notice meant that we were able to deliver the amended GMP by the end of the two weeks and have a decent looking store. I can’t thank you and the resource team enough for mobilising and getting the additional heads into the store. Although it was not my scheme, I wanted to recognise the impact some of the colleagues I interacted with.

John Curzon
Every day we seem to have another problem to overcome and John always attacked each day with a smile on his face and would always be thinking outside of the box of how we could solve it. Not once did John appear to be stressed, he just carried on with such a positive attitude he was an absolute credit to the scheme. He was always looking ahead at what problems may happen and flagged them to us in a constructive way. He never once moaned or got irritated with the situation he just soldiered on and worked so incredibly hard. His work ethic is exemplary even though he worked many consecutive days. I wish I could work with John on every scheme I have! Always going the extra mile to deliver. He is just wonderful.

Sheila Filson
Again, wow. Sheila is fantastic, works very hard. Her work standards are so high and is always striving to help the store and deliver a perfect job. As you know I found this ‘holiday cover’ quite a challenge with the issues we had to face but knowing that Sheila’s smiling face would greet me at 8am and tell me that, ‘no problem’ we will get it done. She willingly shared her knowledge with the store. Again Sheila never once moaned about the situation, just did whatever she could to get everything done. Again, her work ethic is exemplary. Always on time and never slacking off. Again, I wish I could always have her on my team.
Sam Seal
Well we all know how hard the nights were and the issues the team had to overcome. I honestly think the 1 metre wide aisle is going to take a lot to top! Sam works incredibly hard, his knowledge of Sainsbury's and his old school standards shine through. Every morning no matter what had gone on that night the shop looked clear and tidy and ready to trade. The little things he did would have gone unnoticed like saving the Cadburys stand, hoarding off the rollers of stock so at least the store looked presentable but if he hadn't done all those little touches our customers would have been shopping in a very messy untidy store. I know how unhappy he was leaving one night not having finished. He took this so personally even though it was for reasons beyond his control. He made sure that his team was working alongside the fitters to get what they could get done each night. I know without his skill and expertise over night we would have had more problems to add to the list.

Now it is over, I can look back fondly at my two weeks at Upper Norwood and I know that is because I had the pleasure of working with these three colleagues.

Until the next time!

Kind regards,
Sam Hall”

Delivery Support, Sainsbury’s


Congratulations and well done to all the individuals who received recognition this month! Your vouchers are on their way to you!