Our complete project management service specialises in planning, co-ordinating and executing projects according to your specific requirements.  We aim to save you time and money while increasing sales and improving the overall shopping experience.


Specialists in Project Management


We can manage all aspects of your retail project; from conceptualisation and execution, to achieving the end goal of completing the project on-time and within budget.  Our team is made up of retail specialists who are practically-minded and methodical in their approach, so you can be confident that your project – regardless of the size or complexity – is in safe hands.  Our goal is to make a difference to your business.  We aim to enhance the customer experience and make your sales grow.



An Extension of Your Team


We can place in your business an experienced member of our management team, where they will work on your behalf wherever you need them; either at head office or any store across your estate. This ensures that they are on hand to liaise with both our retail partner and the in-store teams, providing you with the peace of mind that there is always somebody available to communicate with.

Our project managers can help define the overall project budget and specific timelines.  As your sole point of contact, they will react to issues and solve problems before they have chance to escalate further, while ensuring that your project is completed on-time and within budget. Managing complex retail projects has delivered huge benefits for our retail partners, for example increasing sales and cutting down on expenditure.


Agile, Reflective & Pragmatic

Our Project Managers have decades of retail experience, having worked in a range of roles across the industry and often within RMS. They provide exceptional customer service and complete projects to a high standard, and they will deliver to the agreed standards.

Our Project Management team are supported by flex™, our unique workforce management system. It ensures the smooth running of projects and provides complete transparency for our retail partners. With flex, you’ll be able to remotely follow the progress of your project every step of the way.  It contains many key features which are fundamental to the success of our project management service.  These include Gantt charts, project scheduling, resource planning, issue tracking, timesheet recording, and project reporting.  All data is updated in real time and is 100% visible to you throughout the duration of the project.




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