Chief Officers

Daniel O'Toole

Chief Executive Officer

Connah O'Toole

Business Executive


Chief Morale Officer

James Davies

Chief Operations Officer

Christopher Avery

Chief Financial Officer


Craig Morgan

Head of Logistics and Operations

Paul Hodges

Partnership Manager

Olly Bolingbroke

Head of Business Intelligence

Gareth Scanlon

Head of Installations and H&S

Mark McConkey

Regional Manager Ireland


Mandy Rudge

Project Support Assistant

Eliot Morris

Project Manager

Steve Wills

Project Support Assistant

Jonathan Bridges

Project Support Assistant

Stuart Hart

Senior Project Manager

Logistics and Recruitment

Phil Barnes-Lewis

Logistics Coordinator

Ray Dawson

Logistics Coordinator


Georgie Hilllier

Marketing Manager


Sally Avery

Finance Manager

Jayne Stevens

Finance Assistant

Lloyd Williams

Accounts Assistant