Asda store opening

A Long and Strong Partnership



Having worked with Asda since 2006, they were one of our first major clients.  Over the years, we have built a strong relationship with the team there and have become a key partner for the brand.

Over the last 13 years, our teams have been involved in many different projects including new store merchandising, merchandise space swaps, new product line launches, and much more.

During 2019, our staff worked over 30,000 hours across 3,000 shifts, delivering a variety of projects including general store support, a 10-year refresh, and support for the Asda Living brand.

Asda store
Asda trolleys

"In the circumstances the RMS team were presented with, their delivery of the job can only be described as outstanding!  Thank you!"

Store Manager, Enniskillen


"The (RMS) guys have been great and I cannot praise your Team Leaders enough.  Thanks for all your hard work."

Store Manager, Wigan


hours delivered in 2019

shifts worked in 2019

Asda store opening

A Seamless Effort


Our skilled teams work seamlessly with Asda’s in-house employees, regularly supporting them with store replenishment so that when we leave, the shelves and displays are fully stocked, and the store is ready to maximise sales.

To ensure that our teams can develop and achieve their full potential, each RMS merchandiser has a progression plan which grants them the opportunity to progress within the company and work towards more senior roles.

Asda aisle