A New Partner in a New Sector

The year 2020 will go down in the history books as a period of tragedy, confusion, and chaos.  Like most companies across the globe, RMS was affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.  But out of chaos, comes opportunity.  By pulling together, our incredible team of people has managed to overcome this challenging period, and the future looks brighter than ever.  During this strange year, one of the highlights has been acquiring a major new client: IVC Evidensia.  We will always be the partner of choice for leading retail brands, but this new partnership is special for RMS as it has allowed us to expand our horizons and enter a previously unexplored sector, that of veterinary care. 

“I think the end result is fantastic, it has exceeded my expectations so I am over the moon.  The guys did a great job so please make sure you pass on my thanks.  If we carry on like this we can have a busy two years ahead of us!”

- Head of Retail, IVC Evidensia. 

2 clinics
fully completed (so far)
trial stores to refresh







Happy Pets and Happy Owners








From the very beginning of our relationship with IVC Evidensia, we knew that there was a solid foundation for a long-lasting partnership.  This is because their core values are closely aligned to ours, in terms of valuing people and understanding the importance of innovation to stay relevant in an ever-changing world. 

We are currently supporting two projects.  The purpose of ‘Environmental Installation’ is to create One IVC Evidensia for the Future, by ensuring that all of the clinics are uniform and on-brand.  By removing old racking and furniture and replacing it with new fixtures and fittings, the goal is to create a professional atmosphere that is the same across the entire estate.  We are utilising our years of experience to support IVC Evidensia in delivering a better experience to their customers and pets. 

The second project, ‘Switch’, is focused on installing new, eye-catching signage, and replacing existing stands with modern variants.  This has been carried out by our teams of professional installers, and all of the products have been expertly merchandised as per the agreed planograms.  The result is that the clinics are more welcoming and easier to navigate.  RMS has provided a complete end-to-end project management solution, and throughout every stage we have remained 100% honest and transparent by providing regular updates.  The progress we have made so far has been excellent, in spite of the challenges created by Covid-19.  Feedback on our work has been positive, and we continue to deliver a quality service to ensure that the client’s vision is achieved.