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Bringing Skills and Enthusiasm to New Store Openings Across the UK

RMS is very proud to have worked with John Lewis and Partners since 2013.  At the start of our partnership, we supported John Lewis with Project Occupation by delivering a new store opening at Ashford in Kent.   Since then, we’ve opened a further 9 John Lewis stores in various locations across the UK.  During Project Occupation, RMS worked across all areas of each store but were fully responsible for specific departments that included small and large electrical, furniture, and bathroom accessories.

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“We’ve been working really closely with RMS over the last 6 years.   They’ve supported us and brought a really unusual, different and valuable spin to the way we work, and they complement what we do.  They bring skills and enthusiasm that we haven’t got in some areas, and they add to the skills and enthusiasm in other areas.  It is so refreshing, and I get vitalised every time I meet with and work with them”.

Gordon Hatt, Selling Landscape Delivery Manager

new stores opened since 2013

hours delivered for JLP in 2019

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A Larger Service Offering

RMS provide a range of retail support services to John Lewis, from regular store support and maintaining SEL standards, to tagging projects and visual merchandising.  We are also proficient in furniture builds, which are required for seasonal changes within the stores.

During 2019, we delivered 3,000 hours of work for John Lewis across various projects, including store support, furniture builds and furnishing of apartments. 

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