An Established Track Record

Well Pharmacy is the UK’s largest independent pharmacy business and the third largest pharmacy chain overall, in addition to being the biggest pharmacy chain in Wales.  They have 760 pharmacies throughout the country and employ approximately 7,000 members of staff.

RMS has a wealth of experience working in the retail pharmacy sector, having previously supported Boots and LloydsPharmacy on a number of merchandising projects over the past decade.  This experience allowed us to quickly understand Well Pharmacy’s requirements and to put in place a project plan which would achieve their objectives.   

144 pharmacies     

transformed in 4

weeks by 25 teams

hours delivered

shift attendance

Dispensing the Goods

The original timeline for the project was 3 months, however, RMS were tasked with completing it in just 4 weeks.  The project involved moving £2.3 million worth of stock across 3,900 skew bays to the shop floor in 144 pharmacies across the UK.  This needed to be done outside of opening hours to avoid any disruption to the business.

The work was completed by 25 teams of our highly skilled and experienced merchandisers.  In addition to the stock movement and merchandising, we provided a comprehensive project management service to ensure that the work was finished on time and to the client’s specification. 

As with all the work we do, our innovative resource management system, flex™, was utilised to schedule our teams and manage the project.  It enabled our project management team to schedule and deploy the teams of merchandisers, ensuring that they were in the right place at the right time so that we were able to successfully complete the project in the required 4 weeks.   With access to their own portal, it also provided Well Pharmacy with the ability to track access project data in real-time meaning that their team were able to keep track of how the project was progressing.