Naomi: My journey from field to office

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Naomi: My journey from field to office

I have worked with RMS now for 8 years. I joined the team in June 2014. I decided to join RMS because a friend of mine was working for the company. At the time, I was working as a supervisor in a chocolate factory but I was becoming really bored and fed up with the role and I wanted to do something more. My friend talked a lot about her job at RMS and it sounded really exciting as she would talk about the travelling aspect working across the country, not being in the same one place for too long and no repetitive lifestyle. 

I started out at RMS in the fashion sector and predominantly worked in fashion during my time in the field. I also trained to become a Team Leader for John Lewis. I’ve spent lots of time working on projects for many different retailers whilst at RMS such as B&Q, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Boots…the list goes on! 

One of the best things about working for RMS in the field team would have to be the teams you meet. RMS has some wonderful and committed people working for them. I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside many of these individuals and it’s been such a fun and wonderful experience. Travelling and seeing different parts of the UK was another thing I loved. I’ve seen some of the most obscure and breath-taking parts of the UK and I wouldn’t have had that experience without RMS.

Whilst working as part of the field team is great, like any job it doesn’t come without its challenges. When you are working as part of a wider team a part of that is dealing with different people’s personalities and working styles. Sometimes people’s personalities or ideas on how best to execute the job might clash, but the trick is knowing how to deal with any problems when they arise and finding the best ways within that team to get the job completed to the best possible standard. 

Projects and plans sometimes have to be delivered in a certain time frame so it’s key that as an individual and as a team you can work well under pressure. It’s knowing your strengths and weaknesses in the team and using it to your advantage. Putting faith in your team and having faith that your team will do what’s needed to get the project over the line. 

Everything I learned in the field helps me daily in my office role. Knowing the people in the field, what sector they work in and who they work with. Having a rapport with the people in the field helps me in my role and has made the transition to working in an office a little smoother.

Right now, I’m working in the RMS office team as a Logistics Coordinator. I started out at entry level within RMS and committed myself and worked hard to get where I am today. RMS were wonderful enough to put me through Level 3 Management training. They are a great company to work for and I have a great relationship with all of my colleagues. My favourite things about the job are my colleagues and the job itself. No two days are the same at RMS, every day there is a new challenge to keep you on your toes and that’s exactly the way I like it!

My experience here at RMS is a great example of what can happen if you really commit yourself and work hard. If it can happen for me, then others can apply themselves and achieve great things too!

For me, this is just the start of my journey at RMS. In a couple of years time I hope to have progressed further within the company and it really is an exciting time to be working at RMS as the opportunities are ready and waiting for those who are determined enough to work hard and take them!

If you want to know more about joining the RMS family then take a look at our roles we have available here and start your journey within the RMS Family!

Naomi Stevens

Logistics Coordinator