Celebrating the RMS Team - May 2022

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Celebrating the RMS Team - May 2022

Every month we celebrate and reward members of the RMS Family that have done a great job and gone above and beyond in their work.

For May 2022 we have:


🏅 Employee of the Month 🏅

As voted by our field team...the employee of the month for May is Paul Simmonds 🎉 He has been nominated for demonstrating the RMS values of Teamwork and Innovation. Well done Paul!


🎆  DIY Team of the Month 🎆 

DIY team of the month goes to Chris McQuillan and his team from Scotland: George Alexander, Craig Scott Kelly and Ben Kinsella.

"They are defiant with their positive attitude and accepting work way out of their immediate geographical area. Well done guys and thank you!!"


🎆  Grocery Team of the Month 🎆 

We have received fantastic feedback from the Store Implementation Assistant in Waitrose about the team that worked in the Egham and Kensington stores. Well done to Paul Simmonds (TL) Vasile Benga, Chloe Byrne, Connor Roberts, Dan Burnell, Darren Tanner, David Felkin, Leon Dolphin, Lewis John Rees, Liuba Dubovoi, Mitesh Patel, Peter Allen and Ricardo Arthur. 

“They have worked really well together as one team to achieve great results. They have used their clear talents for merchandising to deliver excellent displays."


🙌 Scheme Hero for May 2022 🙌

The Scheme Hero for May is Richard Tyrone Stewart.  Richard has received some fantastic feedback from the Waitrose Store Implementation Team. 

“His knowledge and experience has had a huge impact on the end result of what we have been delivering to our branches, Not only that but it's the respect that he gives his team and our partners is above and beyond anything I have seen from team leaders in the past."


🦸‍♀️ Not all heroes wear capes 🦸


Naomi is part of the logistics team and previously worked in George as a Team Leader.

She recently supported a large scheme in the field at George Watford and has also gone above and beyond by offering to drive colleagues to and from a single shift on a Waitrose project and then attended work to complete her shift as part of the logistics team.

"Naomi’s work ethic, drive and willingness to always go that extra mile have always been part of Naomi's DNA so thank you Naomi for everything you have done and continue to do for RMS!"

Congratulations and well done to all the individuals who received recognition this month! Your vouchers are on their way to you! 💸